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PROVIMAR SHIP SUPPLIERS Started in Puntarenas Costa Rica on 1996 as a solution for ship provisions supply.

Our CEO Mr. Konstantinos Christofileas, worked as seaman in merchant ships for ten years navigating around the world. Arriving to Costa Rica on 1993 understands totally the needs of ships and crew locally, his wide experience let him structure a company to fulfill the needs of ships in a country where there was no such possibility. Being pioneer as ship supplier knows changing needs in a growing market.

Initially started an office in Puerto Caldera, along the years was needed to open branch offices in the rest of Costa Rican Ports, being the sole authorized company in Pacific and Caribbean.

Rapidly became the best alternative in Costa Rica as a trustworthy supplier. Over the years client needs had changed, requesting new services, expanding the services to other areas such fuel and spare parts delivery, repairs and waste disposal.

In order to improve the level of service started joint ventures with certified companies in quality assurance, social awareness and sustainability, certifying PROVIMAR in those fields too. Part of these alliances allow us to deliver provisions in El Salvador and Republica Dominicana, so far.

Understanding the fast-changing shipping business is, in years to come PROVIMAR will stay ahead of industry needs.


To satisfy the needs for shipping industry in Costa Rican Ports, supplying high quality products, according to highest standard


Become the more reliable supplier for shipping industry, so that we built long term relationship with our customers.


  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Commitment
  • Passion

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